How to Add/Verify Beneficiary in IDBI bank

By | January 2, 2018

How to Add/Verify Beneficiary in IDBI bank :

IDBI offers all the modern Internet banking facilities to their customers so that they can avail the facility of hassle-free banking, the bank customers who want to add beneficiary first need to register for net banking.

Only internet banking users can avail the facility to add a payee in order to transfer money online from one account to another account.

Once payee maintenance or add successfully customer can transfer the money. Therefore, through this article, you will know how to add a payee in IDBI net banking account.

A payee is that person to whom, you want to add to the third party in your net banking account. By internet banking facility, you can transfer a fund to the third party, but for that, you need to add a payee.

To carry out a transfer, simply log on to Internet Banking at Add payee, verify it and then process to transactions.

To add a payee you, must have some information of beneficiaries such as payee account number, Name, account type, Branch IFSC code and others.

IFSC refer to Indian Financial System Code, which is an alphanumeric code that is used to identify the particular branch of a participating bank in either of the popular electronic fund’s settlement options in India, namely RTGS and NEFT.

Through this article, you will completely understand the need, process, and work of add a payee in IDBI.

So, therefore if you are a net banking user of IDBI and want to avail the facility, read the full article get all important information, instruction and many other related the IDBI payee.

How to add idbi beneficiary in idbi bank

In order to add a payee in IDBI account, one should have Internet banking with a valid user ID and password. On successful IDBI login, you can add a payee in IDBI.

In the home page of IDBI net banking, you will see funds transfer option and in fund transfer tab choose to add the beneficiaries and can transfer money easily.

Now, check the complete procedure to add beneficiaries. There are basically two ways to which you can add a payee.

  1. Add beneficiary for third party fund transfer
  2. Add beneficiary for NEFT fund transfer

How to add beneficiary for third party fund transfer

What is third party transfer in idbi?

If you want to send money to any other bank then you can use this feature.

  • First, you need to login IDBI internet banking using login id and internet banking password.
  • And for that visit official website which is and clicks on Net banking login button.

Add Beneficiary in IDBI bank

  • Enter the User id and password, and click on Login button.

how to add idbi beneficiary in idbi bank

  • After that in home page of Net banking, open the “Transfer” tab
  • Open “Third party transfer” link and click on “Add a Third Party Beneficiary”

what is third party transfer in idbi

  • Enter Account No. and Name of payee. Click on “Add” button

what is unique registration number in idbi bank

  • After that, payee details will flash; enter your Id and transaction password.
  • Click on “Add payee”

hot payment idbi meaning

  • Confirm the payee, by clicking on “Confirm Payee” button. You will receive a Unique Registration number on your linked mobile number with the bank.

idbi neft transfer limit

  • Select the payee, and approve it.

add beneficiary in idbi bank

  • After that, enter the receive the Unique Registration number (URN) and click on “Validate” button

add beneficiary to idbi bank

  • To confirm the payee, re-enter your Id and Transaction Password.
  • Click on “OK”

add intra bank beneficiary in idbi

  • After that payee, detail flash on the computer screen.

Transfer Money/Fund

  • To make payment to added payee click on “Make payment now”

add inter bank beneficiary in idbi bank

  • Input Transfer amount and Remarks. Click on Transfer button below.

  • To confirm payment, enter your id and transaction password.
  • Click on “Confirm”

  • After successful transaction, you will get transaction No. To save it click on “Save” button

How to add beneficiary for NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer)

Before sending money, you can also check idbi neft transfer limit through your net banking account.

  • Visit the official website of IDBI and Login to net banking account by entering the User Id and login password.
  • After that open the Transfer>>Click on NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer)>>Add a Personal NEFT Beneficiary

  • Enter the account number of the payee, the name of the payee, select account type of payee, branch IFSC Code.
  • Click on “Add” button

  • Enter Your Id and transaction password. Click on “Add” button

  • Click on Confirm payee. Select payee and approve it

  • Enter the receive a Unique Registration Number “URN” and click on “Validate” button

  • Enter your Id and transaction password

  • New payee will successfully register, to make payment follow below

Click on Make payment to a Register NEFT Beneficiary

  • Select payee and choose Hot Payment or Schedule Payment

  • Enter payee account number, Name, payment amount, and select Debit account. Click on Pay

  • Enter your Id and Transaction password, click on Confirm button

Note: In case, find error in input data idbi, then you should contact customer support.

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