How to Update/Link LPG Customer ID with SBI Bank [Online/Offline]

By | June 13, 2017

How to Update/Link LPG Customer ID with SBI Bank [Online/Offline]: Hello users, are you searching for the process to link LPG Customer ID with SBI Bank Account then you are at right place as we are providing you all the complete procedure to connect your LPG Customer ID with SBI Bank Account.

It is very important and necessary to connect your LPG Customer ID with your SBI Account as Indian Government has declared that LPG Gas Subsidy will be transferred to your bank account directly using Direct Benefit Transfer Facility (DBT). If you have not attached your ID yet then you will not get the benefits of LPG subsidy given by govt. of India.

If you do not want to take the benefits of LPG subsidy then you can contribute in nation building by participating in “#GiveItUp” programme of Indian Govt. “GiveItUp” is a government initiative with the aim of motivating those lpg user who can afford to buy LPG Cylinder at market price and give up the lpg subsidy provide by Indian Govt.

How to participate in “GiveItUp” LPG Subsidy Programme?

To participate in the give it up lpg subsidy initiative, you need to follow the steps give below:-

  • First Visit the GiveItUp website –
  • Then you need to choose your LPG Provider from one of the three company listed below:-
    • Bharat Gas
    • HP Gas
    • Indane
  • Then select the method:-
    • Form
    • SMS
    • Online
    • App
  • Then follow all the steps

What is Direct benefit Transfer (DBT)?

DBT Stands for Direct Benefit Transfer. This is a new innovative steps taken by Govt. of India which aims to transfer all the subsidy to the bank account of beneficiaries directly. Following are the benefits of DBT Service:-

  • The subsidy amount will be transferred directly to the customers bank account.
  • Reduce the in between leakage
  • This will minimize the delay of subsidy transfer
  • A steps towards corruption-free India

Let me make this simpler, earlier when you were going to purchase an LPG cylinder for domestic use at that time you need to pay the total amount of LPG minus Subsidy amount (total amount – subsidy amount).

But now according to the new govt. policy, you have to pay the complete amount at the time of LPG Purchase and you will get your subsidy amount in your bank account directly with direct benefit transfer.

If you have linked your LPG Customer ID with your bank account.

Why there is a need of LPG Customer ID?

LPG is used as a fuel for household, commercial or agricultural purposes and Indian families’ takes LPG cylinder from various gas provider companies such as Indane, Bharat and HP etc.

The LPG customer ID is given by these distributors.

Now, the question is “why there is need of customer ID”.

The government of India gives subsidy on the actual price of the LPG cylinder and in order to avail the subsidy, you must have linked your account with LPG customer ID.

What is LPG Customer ID & How to find it?

LPG customer ID is a 17 Digit unique customer id which is provide by the LPG agency to all the customers.If you do not know your LPG Customer ID then you can find your LPG Customer ID with the help of following methods:-

Find [Indane] LPG Connection ID

In order to find the Indane Cylinder Connection ID, following the steps:-

  • Firstly you need to Visit
  • Then your can search your ID using one of the following option:-
    • Mobile Number
    • Aadhaar Number

Find [Bharat Gas] LPG Connection ID

  • Go to official website of Bharat gas which is
  • Then you can search your Bharat Gas ID using one of the following options:-
    • Distributor Name
    • Consumer No

Find [HP Gas] LPG Connection ID

  • Visit the official website of HP Gas
  • Then you can quick search your HP Gas Customer ID with the help of one of the following option:-
    • Mobile Number
    • Consumer Number

Following Advantages you get when you Link LPG Customer ID with SBI

  • Once you connect LPG customers ID with SBI, you can get the subsidy amount directly to your SBI bank accounts.
  • You can also get the subsidy in your SBI bank account directly by joining your Aadhaar to your bank account. Apart from this as per government rules, you can also get the subsidy without linking Aadhaar card where you can your account with LPG Customer ID.
  • The customers who avail the subsidy in their bank account directly will refer as “Cash Transfer Compliant (CTC)”.
  • The getting of subsidy by connecting LPG Customer ID with your bank account comes under PAHAL (DBTL) Scheme.
  • The amount of subsidy will be transferred directly to the customers’ bank account after making payment to the distributor after getting a cylinder.

Important steps to follow to link lpg to bank account online sbi

To link LPG Customer ID with SBI using Net Banking Service follow the steps given below: –

  1. Firstly, SBI user need to go to the official website of SBI which is
  2. Then need to login to personal banking service with the help of User ID & Password
  3. Once you will log into the SBI Internet Personal Banking then you will see “Link LPG Customer ID” Option
  4. Just click on the option of “Link LPG Customer ID”
    How to Update/Link LPG Customer ID with SBI Bank [Online/Offline]
  5. After that, Select the “Transaction Account
  6. Then you need to provide the important information like –
    1. Mobile Number
    2. 17 Digit LPG Customer ID
  7. After that, you will receive an OTP on your mobile number
  8. Then, enter the OTP
  9. Finally, you will get an LPG registration reference number or ID that will appear on the computer screen. You should also note that within 24-48 working hours you will receive a message from your bank regarding LPG seeding status.

How to link lpg id to sbi bank account by visiting branch

There are many people who do not have Aadhar Card and they want to link their LPG Customer ID with SBI. It is very simple to link up your LPG Customer ID with state bank of India without Aadhar Card using SBI lpg linking form 2.

How to link bank account to lpg online without aadhar card

If you want to link your SBI bank account with your LPG ID then, you will need to submit your LPG details (Photocopy of LPG Card etc.) at your bank branch along with application form. You will need to follow below process:

  • Firstly, download the “LPG form 2” or  “FORM-3” from the official website or you can or get from branch also.
  • Download Form 3- Click Here
  • After downloading the form, fill it carefully as per required field.
  • Then, visit your SBI bank branch and submit the same along with the required documents to the bank official.
  • The bank official will link your LPG ID to your account and in this way you can get the subsidy directly in your account.

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