How to stop/Cancel SBI Cheque Payment [Online / Offline]

By | June 23, 2017

How to stop/Cancel SBI Cheque Payment [Online / Offline]: The State Bank of India is the most popular & trust-able Bank of India. This is an Indian Multinational public sector bank.  Recently many banks merged with state bank of India.Following are the list of Banks which merged with sbi:-

  • SBBJ – State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur
  • SBP- State Bank of Patiyala
  • SBH – State Bank of Hyderabad
  • SBI Indore – State Bank of Indore
  • SBM – State Bank of Mysore
  • SBS – State Bank of Saurashtra
  • SBT – State Bank of Travancore
  • Bharatiya Mahila Bank

SBI provides various banking products with its account holders & options. Cheque book is one of such product which is provided by SBI to make payment etc.

As everyone aware of it that if once cheque is cleared then the amount will surely deduct from your account.

But there are lots of cases in which you lost the cheque or misplaced it. Also there are situations when you issue a cheque to someone and later on your realize that you should not have issued that cheque.

When you encounter such condition then don’t forget to stop cheque payment in SBI takes action at once. because you can only cancel a cheque if it is not processed yet.

This step will stop the cheque from getting cleared.

For more information read the complete article, where we have provided different methods to stop SBI cheque payment.

How to cancel a cheque sbi online

Benefits of cancelling cheuqe online:-

  • You need to to visit your SBI Branch (Save time)
  • You can cancel it from anywhere just by login to your sbi account and you can cancel the cheque within 2 min

For the sake of stopping cheque payment in SBI Online, you will have to follow below steps.

How to stop/Cancel SBI Cheque Payment [Online / Offline]


  • Firstly, open SBI official website.
  • Then, find the link to login.
  • Thereafter, login to Online SBI using your Internet Banking Username & Password.
  • Now, select the E-Services option from the Top Menu.
  • Then, click on Stop Cheque Payment.
  • Select the same account for which you want to stop cheque payment then, fill following details.

Start cheque no: Enter the cheque no. if you wish to stop more than one cheque use field to enter cheque first no.

End cheque no: if you want to stop more than one cheque in series use this field to enter the last number of the cheque.

  • Then, select Instrument Type & stop reason of cheque, Normal cheque or Multi City Cheque.

Stop Reason: Now select the reason to stop cheque from the list of options (Issued in error/Stolen/Lost in post/Cheque Reissued/Pain in Cash/Others).

Tick mark on the box corresponding to “I Accept the Following Terms and Conditions” then click on submit to stop your cheque.

Important Note: To stop cheque payment request through Internet banking will be available only from 08:00 hrs (IST) to 20:00 hrs (IST). Unfortunately, if you don’t have access to internet banking, you can contact your home branch to stop cheque in SBI.


How to stop cheque payment in sbi offline

If you do not have SBI Online Account then you can use the offline method to stop your cheque payment, to do so you need to follow the simple steps given below:-

  • First of all you need following documents
    • Your any one ID Proof (Voter ID Card, Aadhar Card, PAN Card etc)
    • SBI Passbook
    • Cheque Number
  • With all the above mentioned documents, visit your SBI Nearest Branch
  • Then tell the state bank’s executive that you want to stop a cheque payment which is issued by you.
  • Also tell him / her the reason to cancel sbi cheque
  • They will verify your documents & account number
  • Then write an application to cancel the cheque with a valid reason
  • Submit the application to the executive
  • They will process it and your cheque will be cancelled in 4-5 minutes.

Stop cheque payment sbi charges

As you seen in the article that it is very easy and hassel free to stop / cancel a sbi cheque payment. With in few minutes you can stop a SBI cheque. But this is not a free service. Below are the sbi charges to stop a cheque:-

  • Rs 50/- + Service Tax For Each Cheque (up to 3 cheque)
  • Rs 300/- + Service Tax (After 3rd Cheque)

This charge will be deducted from your account automatically.

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Faq Related to Stop SBI Cheque Payment

Q1) How to stop cheque payment in sbi through sms?

Answer: SBI stop cheque payment by sms is currently not available. So you can not stop or cancel a cheque payment by sending sms.

Note: For more information, you may visit the official website or bookmark this page to know latest updates.

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